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Struggling malls replacing stores with vending machines?

Struggling malls replacing stores with vending machines? Online retailers have been taking a toll on struggling malls for years now and vending machines are coming to the rescue!  It is no secret that Amazon has severely impacted malls across America.  Even box...

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Stream working with Hometown Vending of Houston

Hometown Vending Services now uses Stream VMS for backend vending route management software.  Hometown Vending is a premier vending machine route operator, located in the Woodlands, Houston, and Conroe area of Texas.  Stream VMS is a perfect fit for this operator that...

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Optimizing Vending Machine Routes with Lead Machines

Optimizing vending machine routes, via identifying lead machines, is crucial to correctly scheduling the service frequency of vending machine routes.  The lead machine, at each of your locations, is defined as the busiest machine in terms of sales.  You simply set how...

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Vending machine software starting at $99 per month

Stream VMS, aka vending machine software system, is a premier software solution for your vending machine company.  The program is all web-based and includes realtime driver tracking, automatic cash management, smart scheduling, account and asset management, and more....

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Stream VMS Mobile route app in the news

Our Stream VMS Mobile iPhone app made the news today!  We are excited about the coverage received regarding our state of the art vending machine management software system designed to help run and organize vending route companies.  The news was picked up by PR Web and...

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Stream VMS YouTube Channel now Live

Check out our new Stream VMS vending machine management system video on YouTube!  It is our first video... probably not up for an Academy Award, however, training videos will be releashed in the future.  Vending Machine Management Software Systems are becoming popular...

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Vending Route Software iPhone App now on Apple App Store

The Stream VMS Vending Route Software Mobile App is now available exclusively on the Apple App Store.  The vending machine management system iPhone app or iPod Touch app works together with the Stream VMS Office Dashboard and is the premier vending management software...

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Choosing the right VMS vending management software system

Stream VMS understands you have choices when choosing the right vending management software program or system for your vending machine company. It is our opinion that vendors have some solid choices in choosing the right system. Some of the top choices do a great job...

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Say goodbye to vending company Excel spreadsheets

The days of running your vending route business on Excel spreadsheets are limited and the importance of utilizing a solid vending management software program or system (aka VMS system or vending machine business software) is critical in today’s increasingly higher...

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Evolution of the Stream VMS system

I have personally worked in the industry since 1997 as a driver, manager, and ultimately owner of my own vending machine company. While working for another vending company from 1997 to 2005, I witnessed two different “old style” VMS (vending management software)...

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