Stream VMS understands you have choices when choosing the right vending management software program or system for your vending machine company. It is our opinion that vendors have some solid choices in choosing the right system. Some of the top choices do a great job and have many helpful features, however, may be overwhelming, expensive, or simply too cumbersome for most small and medium size vending operators. We have even heard of some instances of vendors shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for required hardware and ultimately cease using the system.  Additionally, top end systems often require expensive monthly fees to use and often just too expensive for smaller or medium size vending companies.

The bottom end of available VMS systems, simply don’t have the technology or features required in todays fast moving industry. Outdated clunky hardware typically can cost more than a smart phone that are used in todays top tier VMS systems.  The last thing an operator needs is a vms system that requires complete manual entry after the driver returns each day.  Most of the bottom end VMS choices do not utilize the cloud and therefore all data is recorded throughout the day by the route driver and an office staff member or owner must manually enter in meter pulls, inventory, etc. before the system can produce reports.  This task is simply too cumbersome, expensive and time consuming for small or medium vendors.  Some vending companies may even have to hire an additional staff member for data entry making the system a poor choice.  As we all are aware, the vending industry has experienced record price increases on products over recent years.  It is tough to take on additional labor expenses for data entry.  You need a VMS, aka vending management software, system that will empower you to make solid decisions and quickly run your company without bogging your time and finances down.

Stream VMS built, from the ground up, an app (on the iTunes app store) used to enter important key data while on the route.  The app’s data is immediately (via an iPhone or iPod touch with wifi connectivity) pushed to the cloud and viewable via a web browser and internet connection.  Driver totals, daily totals, location totals, machine totals, location totals, pull times, average service times and more are immediately available within Stream Office.  Vending operators can literally be anywhere in the world and continue to run their vending route company with an internet connection.   All daily data is pushed to the dashboard that is customizable and user friendly.  All commission reports are automatically calculated and periods are set with a push of the button.  Furthermore, your commissioned customers can now login (with their unique user name  and password) to view current and all past commission reports.  Your customers will enjoy the professional look of your commission reports as well.  We are so confident that your vending company will love our system; Stream VMS (includes Stream Mobile and Stream Office) is free to try for several months.

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