Stream Mobile App

NO expensive equipment required!

Stream Mobile is an app built for an iPhone or iPod! All data is sent to the cloud and viewed in the Stream VMS Office Dashboard.

Stream VMS Office

access anytime and anywhere via the internet!

Tired of letting your vending routes run you? Take control and run your vending company with Stream VMS.

Stream Dashboard

real time data automatically updates!

The Stream dashboard keeps you, customers and drivers connected with real time data that updates throughout the day.

Stream VMS

saves your vending business time and money!

Stop wasting time with hand written route tickets, excel spreadsheets, etc. Call Stream VMS today.

Stream Office...

Stream Mobile...

The Stream VMS Vending Route Software System

See the images below to explore the abilities of the Stream VMS vending machine management software system program!

Lightning Fast!

Not only have we streamlined our application to make it run fast on your mobile, laptop, or other devices, we have made our interface as user friendly as possible in order to save you time, and money!

Vendor Approved

Stream was created by vendors for vendors and have done our best to eliminate unnecessary processes and create a straight forward way of managing your day to day activity with your drivers and customers!

Real Time Stats

Monitor your drivers, the cash they have collected and other metrics in real time. View updated graphs and reports to help you maximize your efficiency!

Ready to Automate Your Vending Business?

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