Stream VMS Mobile App

Stream Mobile and Mobile Manager app is key to feeding data to the Stream VMS system!

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Introducing the Stream VMS Mobile App!

The vending machine mobile app is fast and easy to use and works flawlessly to provide your vending business critical data to make important decisions. Stream Mobile & Mobile Manager works best on an iPhone to feed the system real time data, however, can be used with an iPod touch as well. Stream Mobile Manager looks and feels the same, however, all drivers locations are included for vending route management purposes. Stream Mobile App works with flawlessly with Stream VMS Office.

Stream VMS Mobile App Features


Login Required

Fast, safe, and secure login so that your valuable data is not compromised if a driver phone is lost or stolen.


Customer Names and Logos

Customer logos are included next to the location name so drivers can quickly identify their next stop.


Today Schedule

For added security, each driver can only view their own locations.


All Locations

If needed, drivers can still service an unscheduled stop, however, the locations will look slightly greyed to stay on track .


Daily Pulls

Driver can quickly view all machines serviced each day for confirmation and includes a time stamp.


Next Schedule Day

Swipe your finger over screen to view the next days schedule.


App Updates

Easy application updates! All Stream VMS Mobile and Manager apps automatically updates via the Apple App Store.


Smart Features

Driver locations automatically change colors after driver enters all required data. This will help drivers stay focused.


Future Enhancements

New features and enhancements are always in the works at Stream VMS and included for free.

Download the StreamVMS App Today!

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