Stream VMS Office

Stream VMS Office & Dashboard brings all your vending machine business tracking tools to you!


Introducing Stream VMS Office… an advanced system built to run your vending business efficiently and effectively. Stream VMS Office is cloud based so you can view your sales, change schedules, etc. from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Stream VMS dashboard provides vending machine companies with a central place to manage all sales data, scheduling, asset management, commissions, reporting, and more! Commissioned customers can login and view all past and present commission reports via the Customer Portal!

The Stream VMS Office Dashboard is customizable… add or change widgets with ease and no charge!

**Inventory management and pre-kitting options coming soon!**

Stream VMS Office Features


Dashboard Setup

Easily setup new drivers, managers, customers, machines, login permissions, and more via our setup panel.


Cash Entry

Quickly enter in cash total by day and driver. Once entered, the system will tell you if your the cash collected matches the machine or location totals.


Meter Entries

You can view all entered meter and credit / debit card meters in a central place.


Daily Report

View “today’s sales” by driver, location, or all drivers and compare actual cash. The report provides a daily snapshot of your business.


Driver Totals Report

Quickly view total service times by day, number of machines serviced and average cash collected.



Quickly change schedules by driver or view a future schedule date or week.



Automatically generates an accurate asset list of all your machines. You can view overall, snack, drink, food, etc..


Machine and Location Totals

Quickly view your busiest machines or locations all the way down to the slowest.



Run your commissions reports in minutes in an easy to use interface and your customers have a login portal to view past and present reports!

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