The days of running your vending route business on Excel spreadsheets are limited and the importance of utilizing a solid vending management software program or system (aka VMS system or vending machine business software) is critical in today’s increasingly higher cost and lower margin industry. The unit cost of nearly all product categories has increased substantially over the last several years. In fact, it is not uncommon for five to seven percent annual increases in beverages and chocolates.   Therefore, managing your route data is more important and critical in making strategic business decisions. At some point, most vendors will need to utilize a vending management software program system to organize the data and make sound business decisions to stay in business.

We understand that many vendors are still using Excel spreadsheets to organize data and the idea of changing can be overwhelming.   One of the owners of Stream VMS has been in the industry since 1997 to this day. In the past, his company has used spreadsheets to organize data and process commission reports. Due to increased competition with larger vendors in the area, found it more difficult to secure large contracts without some sort of auto-generated reporting system so that customers trust they are receiving the correct commission amount. There is a certain level of trust or value that is perceived when using a vending management software system for reporting. Stream VMS allows your customers to login and view their current and past commission reports all via a web-browser with a unique username and password. When competing with another vendor for a large contract, most often the vendor utilizing a vending management software program or system with auto generated commission reports wins the deal. Why not consider a VMS system now so you can stay in business in the future?

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