The Stream VMS Vending Route Software Mobile App is now available exclusively on the Apple App Store.  The vending machine management system iPhone app or iPod Touch app works together with the Stream VMS Office Dashboard and is the premier vending management software system for vending route companies looking to streamline their operation and go paperless.  The Stream VMS Office Dashboard and Mobile App was developed by actual vending machine companies so that system can be successful and useful to your operation.  In fact, careful steps were taken to include the important features and leave out the ones that simply are too complicated.  The app, available for the iPhone and iPod touch, is required to feed important data into the Stream VMS Office Dashboard.  All future updates and enhancements are automatically pushed to your iPhone and iPod touch via the app store.

The Stream VMS app has been in beta testing and development since July 2013 and is now ready to help your vending route company.  Furthermore, the iPhone app has gone thru several revisions in an effort to make it safe, fast, and user friendly as possible for your route drivers.  Our goal from the beginning was to build an app based vending management software system that could be explained in five minutes to the drivers.  No sense in spending weeks or months setting up expensive clunky required hardware.

The Stream VMS, Vending Machine Management System, App is a free download exclusively on the Apple App Store.  However, you will need to contact us for a demo and we will give you login credentials.  Search the App Store for Stream VMS and download today.

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